What can coaches learn from Results Day?

Leaving school behind doesn’t mean leaving learning behind  

How much do grades & qualifications matter at work? What is the benefit of obtaining a qualification in Coaching?

Last year, my daughter sat her university finals and my older son sat his A levels. This year we have another daughter and 3 nieces receiving A Level and GCSE results.  We are well acquainted with the stress of results day, and for every family receiving results this year, I know how it feels!

The fact that results day is looming has made me contemplate the question, “What is the value of obtaining a qualification in Coaching?”


Here are 4 reasons why I believe a coaching qualification is valuable, not just for coaches but for trainers and managers too.


Attending a structured training programme, engaging in skills practice and benefiting from feedback from trainers and fellow delegates helps ensure that the coaching you offer is of the highest calibre.  You will be more skilled and see more tangible results. Your coaching will have more impact.


A qualification demonstrates a sound level of knowledge and skill which gives great credibility in the eyes of clients and coachees. It is very different to a certificate to say you have attended a weekend course.


Knowing that you have achieved a credible qualification which required you to demonstrate a high level of competence will enhance your confidence that you are offering high quality coaching.


Developing your capability, credibility and confidence will enhance your career whether you are a full-time coach, a manager or a trainer. The benefits will be felt by you and by your coachees. It’s a win/win situation.


Expectations of managers have changed rapidly in recent years. Whether you are formally coaching on a regular basis or not, a coaching style of leadership is increasingly being expected in the workplace, and mastering the skills required can be hugely beneficial to you, your team, and your career.

As an enthusiastic supporter of continual professional development and life-long learning, I believe it is definitely worth investing in a qualification to demonstrate and reinforce your coaching skills.

At ESB Training, for all these reasons, we have recently launched our ILM Level 3 coaching qualification. I am really excited about this addition to our portfolio. ILM is part of the City & Guilds group, and as such, is nationally recognised as an awarding body.  Their Level 3 Certificate in Coaching is broadly comparable to an A Level.

A tangible, nationally recognised qualification can make a huge difference not only to coaches, but also to trainers and managers who are increasingly required to coach as part of their role.


And, whatever grades our teenagers are awarded today, I wish them well. Good luck to them all.



If you’re interested in enhancing your capability, credibility, confidence and career development, then we’d love to support you in becoming an ILM qualified coach.

Our programme offers 3 days of classroom training, followed by practical coaching and written assignments which can be completed according to your own timescales. You will receive support from the trainers, and your cohort, throughout the process, (and we will make sure you have a lot of fun along the way.)

Please message me to find out more, and we’d love you subscribe to our blog so we can keep you updated with our latest posts.


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