The impact of coaching: the butterfly effect

The impact of coaching

The butterfly effect

In 1972, Edward Lorenz explained the concept that the actions of one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events. He articulated his ideas in a talk entitled "Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?". The "butterfly effect" has become known as the phenomenon where a minor change in behaviour can cause a large change in outcome.

Coaching can have this power

We can help you make targeted changes, sometimes very small ones, which can have a ripple effect and create breakthroughs, personally and professionally.

We can help:

Maximise the potential of your leaders and teams through our powerful 1-1 executive programmes
Create a coaching mindset with your leadership and management community, with our Coaching for Growth workshops
Boost the confidence, capability and credibility of your existing coaches with our Level 3 Award & Certificate in Coaching
Maximise the impact of our training programmes with follow-up personalised sessions for individuals and teams

I have found the coaching sessions to be truly beneficial and feel blessed to be part of this process. I also commend Rosie for her skills and I know I have been very open with her during the time, and in return I got so much more from each session.

Improvements in individual and team performance

We can help you gain significant, long-lasting improvements in individual and team performance.

We believe that coaching is a highly effective way to nurture ability: many times we have seen it enable people to really flourish, maximising their potential and boosting their engagement, performance and job satisfaction.

We offer stand-alone coaching, and also follow-up 1-1 sessions to support our training workshops, which are very popular as they are hugely beneficial in maintaining the momentum of training.

Be coached by one of our qualified experts

Become a coach with our ILM Level 3 qualification