personal coaching

How could personal coaching help you?

Does this sound familiar?

Have you been promoted, without being offered much training and support?

Do you sometimes feel you’re making it up as you go along?!

Do you sometimes suffer from Imposter Syndrome, worried you may get “found out” as not being quite as good as they thought you were?!

Have you gained lots of experience, without being given structure and training to back up your hard won knowledge?

You don’t have to learn the hard way, through painful mistakes, through trial and error, and by working it all out for yourself.

There is a quicker, and easier and less painful way which will accelerate your development, increasing your confidence as well as your capability.

Words quite possibly fail me to say how grateful I am to have gone through your coaching. Thank you for creating such a platform for me to be just me! It’s rare that we get such an opportunity in work life and I found it to be so valuable.
Bruce H, Sales Manager

The true value of Coaching

That’s where the true value of coaching comes in. We can help you gain significant, long-lasting improvements in individual and team performance. We believe that coaching is a highly effective way to nurture ability: many times we have seen coaching enable people to really flourish, maximising their potential and boosting their engagement, performance and job satisfaction.



Our coaching packages combine

Pure coaching where we give you space and time to discuss and analyse your own circumstances and unique challenges

1-1 training, where we share best practice, key concepts and respected leadership and team development theories

Mentoring, where we share our own experience, based on 20 years of working with leadership development in many organisations

We can help create a coaching culture within your business, drawing out the skills & talents of your most valuable resource – your people.


We offer stand-alone coaching, and also follow-up coaching sessions to support our training workshops, which are very popular as they are hugely beneficial in maintaining the momentum of training.

Please contact us here, if you would like to benefit from transformational coaching sessions with one of our expert qualified coaches.