Here are the 6 reasons participants most regularly state for attending our new ILM Level 3 Coaching accreditation programme in Windsor, and for recommending it to others.

Last autumn, we launched our new ILM Level 3 Coaching accreditation programme in Windsor, “Coaching for Growth”, and consequently I have spent lots of time recently talking to interested (and interesting!) people. I thought it would be useful to share the main benefits that potential participants value, and the reasons our delegates gave for booking on the programme. If you have an interest in coaching, maybe some of this will resonate with you.

Discussing the purpose of coaching


The people on our current cohorts mainly fall onto one of 4 groups:

  1. Managers and team members in organisational roles seeking to improve their current effectiveness & future career prospects
  2. Trainers, Consultants and current Coaches who are looking to add a recognised and respected coaching qualification to their credentials
  3. People in organisational roles looking to build their skills and experience to facilitate a transition to self-employment and more flexible working in the future
  4. Career breakers who are looking to create a satisfying new career with flexible working opportunities

Roughly half of our participants are self-funding, whilst the other half are sponsored by their organisation.


Participants enjoying some group work on a recent programme


Here are the most frequent reasons given for booking on the course, and the personal objectives people have shared.

“I want to develop my leadership skills and enhance my career prospects”.

Coaching is increasingly being recognised as a key leadership skill and many organisations are working to create a coaching culture within their leadership teams. Developing your coaching skills-set is a great way to demonstrate how you can contribute to this growing shift in leadership styles, and boost your own career prospects too.


I’m a trainer / consultant and I’m increasingly being asked to coach my clients, so I need to demonstrate my capability with a qualification. 

This was my personal motivation for gaining my first coaching qualification many years ago. As a leadership trainer, I was often asked to coach individuals once they had completed a training programme. I quickly learned that coaching is a very different skill to training – I realised I had initially been offering 1-1 training, and whilst this is hugely valuable, it isn’t coaching. I needed to learn the difference!


I’ve got a good knowledge base already, but need to develop my practical skills.

I have spoken to several people who have completed on-line courses, or have read widely, and so already have some form of qualification or existing knowledge. However, one delegate in particular said he felt he had learned no practical skills on his previous training and had no confidence that he could conduct an effective coaching conversation in real life. Our training will support you through the qualification but we will also focus on developing your coaching skills. It’s not enough to “know”: you have to be able to “do!”

Personal coaching is offered on our IL Level 3 Coaching course in Windsor
Personal coaching during the workshop

I don’t want to work full time for ever / I’m looking for a more fulfilling career in the future

Several people expressed satisfaction in their current roles…for now, but do not want to work full time for ever. They are investing in their future and, very sensibly, developing their skills and experience and gaining a qualification while they still have the security of a monthly salary. Coaching is a very transferable skill, and particularly helps you influence and communicate, so they can also add immediate value in their current roles with their new skills.


I’m at a career crossroads / I want to work for myself

We have 3 participants currently who are at a crossroads, having given up organisational roles to create balance for their families, and who are now seeking a way of using their skills to work flexibly. Coaching fits this perfectly – it is stimulating, interesting and challenging, and you can create your coaching niche around your existing areas of expertise or interest, whatever that might be.


I just want the ILM Level 3 qualification 

The ILM is well respected organisation and this qualification is widely recognised. Several of our participants are already experienced and competent coaches – I worked with one participant co-delivering coaching training within his previous organisation. But prospective clients often want the reassurance that you have a coaching qualification, and this could make the difference as to whether you win a contract or not. The ILM certification is valuable.


So, those are 6 huge benefits of attending our new ILM Level 3 Coaching Programme, as expressed by our first 2 cohorts.


Does one of them reflect you and your aspirations?

Group work on our recent Coaching training programme
Group work on a recent programme

We currently have a promotional launch price of £800pp + VAT for bookings taken before 31st January 2018.

This represents approximately 33% saving on the future price, and is great value for money, as it includes absolutely everything – all ILM registration and assessment fees, 3 one day workshops in small supportive cohorts, all workbooks and materials, plus follow-up coaching and support whilst you complete your assignments. Read more here and see photos of our current cohort



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