Introducing ESB Training

Our Story

Hello, I am Rosie Nice and I founded ESB Training in 1997, following happy years at British Airways via their Graduate Development Programme, after studying History at the University of Cambridge.

During my time at BA, I found myself gravitating, in every role I held, towards projects which supported people development. I found myself fascinated and amazed by the difference I saw in people who had been supported, coached, trained and invested in, and I have chosen to devote my career to helping untap people’s hidden potential and to supporting individuals, teams and organisations in achieving excellence.

All of our lovely team are commercially astute professionals with extensive experience of implementing sustainable behaviour change. We have all delivered numerous people development projects for a wide range of leading companies; we have a wealth of experience in learning design & facilitation, and a passion for what we do.

Our Core Training Team

We have a core training team of experienced professionals.
My team and I pride ourselves on building strong, ongoing relationships with our clients, making time to understand the unique needs of each individual and every organisation with which we work.
We are based in Windsor, Berks.
Rosie is a highly effective facilitator with an impressive ability to get the best out of delegates. She combines a warm and engaging style with a clear focus and determination.

My Inspiration

I named my company after my children, Emily, Sam and Ben, as it was the growth of my family which provided the catalyst for me to leave corporate life and set up my business.