The impact of coaching: the butterfly effect

The MAGIC of Coaching

At its most fundamental level, coaching represents a simple process of asking questions and listening carefully to the responses, providing time and space to enable people to slow down, reflect and find their own answers.

When we are coaching, we often find that, deep down, our coachees already know the solutions to the dilemmas they face; at some level, they know what they need to do, but they may not realise this until they are guided to examine their current situation, explore their aspirations, articulate their goals and clarify their thoughts. I know I have asked the right question when my coachee pauses and says nothing. When the room falls silent, when they look to the ceiling and they take a breath, then I stop and I wait. I wait because I know what is at play: the magic is happening in the silence.

What is MAGIC Coaching?

The MAGIC Methodology


We have created a unique coaching methodology which acts as  the key to unlocking this magic.

Our MAGIC Methodology provides a clear framework for our 1-1 and group coaching. It can be used within one self-contained coaching session or across a multisession coaching programme, and is accompanied by a carefully selected series of questions for use as we systematically move through the coaching process. It has been designed to be applicable in a wide range of situations, creating the perfect balance between structure and flexibility so we can adapt to the needs of each coachee.

The MAGIC Methodology leads us through five distinct stages. It represents a cyclical process, starting by analysing where our coachee is now, enabling them to assess their current situation, its strengths and its drawbacks. We then work with them to share their aspirations, define clear goals and help them map the process by which they will achieve success. The framework culminates with a clear plan, and then the whole process can then be used to cycle round and start again. We then discuss their progress, before focusing on a new set of goals and actions to maintain their momentum.

Within an organisational environment, coaching is increasingly being recognised as a key leadership capability and many organisations are working to create a coaching culture within their leadership teams. Upskilling a team of coaches to exemplify best practice can build beacons of excellence within an emerging coaching culture, creating a ripple effect across the organisation.

A coaching culture can lead to a myriad of benefits including reduced attrition, increased engagement and enhanced loyalty.

We offer a specialised 1-1 and group coaching services, alongside our popular coach development programmes.


I have found the coaching sessions to be truly beneficial and feel blessed to be part of this process. I also commend Rosie for her skills and I know I have been very open with her during the time, and in return I got so much more from each session.

Improvements in individual and team performance

We can help you gain significant, long-lasting improvements in individual and team performance.

We believe that coaching is a highly effective way to nurture ability: many times we have seen it enable people to really flourish, maximising their potential and boosting their engagement, performance and job satisfaction.

We offer stand-alone coaching, and also follow-up 1-1 MAGIC Mentoring to support our workshops, which are very popular as they are hugely beneficial in maintaining the momentum of learning.

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