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What it's all about

Why are sales and service skills so important? Think about the last time someone tried to sell you something. Did you feel under too much pressure to buy? Were you being sold something you neither wanted nor needed? Did they take time to listen and understand your needs or did they bombard you with details about their product regardless of your personal circumstances? Our sales and customer service training will help sales people transform to value selling, building meaningful relationships, focusing on the needs and drivers of their clients. We will take you through the whole buying and selling process, covering all aspects of the sales role: understanding the potential of your sales area: compiling an effective territory development plan: strategically managing your accounts, whilst working in partnership with them.

Who is our Sales and Service Training for?

This training will benefit everyone who works in a sales or service role: in sales and customer service management, account development, service delivery and sales support.

What will I learn?

How to:
Understand the role of an account manager
Develop an effective territory development strategy
Plan and structure an effective sales call
Sell using features, advantages and benefits
Define standards for service excellence
Understand your customers’ visible needs and hidden drivers
Build and maintain successful customer relationships
Negotiate successfully and achieve win-win outcomes

All our sales training is endorsed by the ISM, the industry benchmark of high quality.
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Bespoke learning: 1-1 coaching or group sessions

Like all our training, these fantastic results can be created through learning designed to meet your unique needs, so please contact us to find out how we can

Create a team of dynamic, engaging, presenters within your organisation
Help you become a dynamic, engaging, creative presenter yourself.